Software Engineer

Welcome to my professional web page. Here, you'll find all about my experiences, skills and all the ways to join me in case you'll find something interesting :)

For obvious privacy reasons, you should request me directly to get my complete references.

Short presentation

Born in France, I rose during the 90's and was interested in aeronautics and high technologies very soon. I wrote my first code line when I was 12 years old, in 2000. Later, becoming a software engineer was obvious to me.

At work, I really enjoy coding, solving issues and find smart improvements. Beyond the code, I do not forget the final objectives and I love being involved in project decisions that will enable to reach them.
I have a strong International identity which gives me the will to discover and work all over EU and the world, so I can contribute to ambitious aims of today and tomorrow.
In my personal life, I enjoy paragliding, music, coding, travelling, and more generally I like to learn and discover new thinks.

In the next 10 years, I have no idea where I would stand, but I really hope to have a significant contribution to something important.

Why this page?

As software engineer, I consider it is important to keep in touch with the latest technologies in the first hand, and in the other one, the work it requires to keep that profile is a way to keep an overcoming sight on my own career, and by the way manage to always be improving myself according to technologies and the direction the world takes.

Curriculum Vitae


Engineering student in computer science and communication networks

Chemistry, physics, electronics school in Lyon, France. Specialization in embedded systems software architecture. 3 year work-study program between Chemistry-Physics-Electronics school and Logimine.


Technology degree graduate in computer sciences

Institue universitaire Technologique de Grenoble, Université Pierre Mendès France Specialization in n-tiers software and concurrent programming. Learning process about information technologies, from raw hardware and network architecture to abstract high level concepts and languages.


Professional experience

Since 2012
Technical Stakeholder

Capgemini Sogeti High Tech.

Sogeti High Tech is part of Capgemini group and deals with the biggests industrial actors as a long term trusty partner.

Working at Sogeti High Tech is a real enjoment as it enables to collaborators to discover a large field of high technology sectors such as aerospatial, energy, rails and more ; but it also manages to drive employees to a continuous self-improvment, which is month after month very efficient.

Eurotunnel logo Rail industry @Eurotunnel

Embedded tiers responsible for Eurotunnel’s toll station rework. See Terminal 2015 project.

  • Technical expert & focal point
  • Drivers computation
  • Very old architecture improvement for new technologies
  • Deployment on the real toll at Calais, France
C# TFS Modbus / TCP SQL Server OPC

Airbus Helicopters logo Aeronautics @AirbusHelicopters

Avionic equipment simulation for validation rigs at Airbus Helicopters, especially for the H160 project (aka X4).

  • Development of simulation models, and validation of rigs
  • Technical focal point for customer and team-mates
  • Team Management (workload, risks, client satisfaction.)
  • Production process imlprovement, legacy SW tools computing
C / C++ Subversion Fortran Lua

Ore extraction


Development of embedded systems and a top level software for mines supervision.

The whole system includes embedded computers on the gears of the mine in the first hand, and a top level management software for mine's responsible. These two tiers are communicating together via a TDMA radio network.

  • Embedded applications coding, testing and deployment
  • Mine management software development, massive real time data logging and replay for security topics

Several missions performed abroad:

  • Imerys logo Trimouns quarry, France @Imerys

  • Areva logo Somaïr mine, Niger @Areva

  • Areva logo Dundas quarry, Canada @Lafarge

C language Java J2EE Flex / AS3 Xml / Xslt Linux CAN EJB 3.0

Nuclear industry

CEA Logo.

Rework of the main supervision software for a radioactive elements analysis

The LAMM laboratory is invloved nuclear analysis at CEA. It produces analysis results in a strong security context due to the high radioactivity of the samples.

Analysis Specification Conception C# LIMS


Tellier SI Logo, there is no website for this company.

Tellier SI was about web development, CMS and e-shop integrations.

Freelancer status left in January 2013.

Prestashop Documentation Deployment PHP

Skills summary

Coding 40%
Adaptability 60%
Project life-cyle 60%


Detailled skills

Skills in Testing, QA & Process Management

  • Testing

    • Unit tests
    • Integration tests
    • UAT
    • Test strategy & test plan
  • Quality

    • Requirement traceability (ReqTiFy)
    • Validation
    • Proofreading
    • Issue management
    • Lean management
    • Stand up meetings and process optimization
    • Continuous improvement

Skills in IT SW Design / Coding

  • Languages

    • C/C++
    • JavaEE
    • Visual C#
    • Shell scripting
    • Xsl
    • EJB
    • Lua
  • Database

    • SQL
    • PL SQL / Transact-SQL
    • EJB / Hibernate / Entity Framework
    • SQL Server / PostgresSQL / Oracle
  • Versioning

    • Subversion (SVN)
    • Git
    • SourceSafe
    • TSF
  • Microsoft Office

    • Excel
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
  • Operating systems

    • Linux
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Mac OS X (basics)
  • Architecture

    • N-tiers applications
    • Client/server
    • Web services
    • Deterministic OS (µCOS)
    • Foreground-background OS architecture
    • Design patterns
  • Networking

    • Specific TDMA radio
    • CAN
    • Modbus
    • ARINC 429
    • Ethernet
    • TCP/IP